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« The feel of an artist, the precision of an economist »

At ECC Chapuis-Duraz we deal with the design, construction and quality control the projects we are commissioned to carry out. ECC: E for economy, C for coordination, C for construction. Three letters that symbolise what we do and the fields in which we work.

ECC is based in Savoie, at the gateway to France’s most prestigious winter sports resorts. Our local roots and familiarity with the area, the skilled men and women we work with and their qualities are all assets that make the difference and forge the hallmark of our identity.

At ECC we are inspired by tradition while keeping abreast of the latest trends and technological and environmental developments. At ECC, we turn your dream into reality.

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Genius begins great works; labour alone finishes them. Joseph Joubert

What we do

« One must be enthusiastic about one's profession to excel in it. » Denis Diderot

Our chosen approach is to provide the ultimate in skills and materials. For you, we select only the best products and the most talented craftsmen and women. They work side by side with us throughout every aspect of the construction process, meeting the most exacting requirements. All the trades we use are essential links in a vital chain designed to build the best possible design of the best possible quality.
At ECC we employ our talents at different levels.

Concept phase:

1 / Analysis of project feasibility, provision of general advice and technical recommendations
2 / Drawing up of projected budgets and the sums payable for the different parties involved
3 / Overall time required to complete the project

Coordination phase:

1 / Coordination of the different bureaux of engineering research invovled in the project
2 / Scheduling of the works and financial planning
3 / Site coordination and supervision

Project management:


1 / Preparation of the documents necessary to hold a tender
2 / Tender offers analysis
3 / Assistance in concluding works contracts


1 / Managing the execution of work contracts
2 / Financial management of the works
3 / Assistance in acceptance procedures

Particular tasks

1 / Client assistance
2 / Expert opinions in case of a dispute with a third party
3 / General and detailed estimates.

Our projects

« Our philosophy is to raise your project to new heights, turning it into an original creation and a durable asset. » Messrs Chapuis & Duraz (directors of ECC)

Starting out from the demanding principle that every project must take the form of a unique creation, we leave no stone unturned in achieving this result. Our goal is for each of our projects to be remarkable and here to stay.

We have already completed around a hundred projects, a constellation of chalets in the heart of the most prestigious ski resorts in the French Alps, each one a star that twinkles in the firmament of our reputation. Your satisfaction is the best compliment you can pay us!
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Photo of completed project Photo of completed project
Photo of completed project Photo of completed project Photo of completed project
In the work, we know the worker Aristophane


« Perfection is a path, not an end. » Korean proverb

ECC is certified by UNTEC (the French National Union of Construction Economists) and OPQTECC (the French qualifying body for construction economists and programme managers).
More than just a certification awarded by a professional body, this is a hallmark of confidence and quality. From project elaboration to completion, from the start of construction to delivery, at ECC we continue to build on our know-how while keeping in mind our constant quest for perfection and excellence.

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Photo of what we do


« Only history has no end » Charles Baudelaire

A long history of know-how forged through decades of experience and the passing on of our fundamental values.
1968 The Bernard Pernet building engineering firm is established
1974 Bernard Pernet joins forces with Jean-Pierre Zucchi to found SNC (General Partnership) Pernet-Zucchi
1981 SNC Pernet-Zucchi changes legal form to SCP Pernet-Zucchi
1988 The company changes its name to ECC Zucchi (following the departure of Bernard Pernet)
2006 Nicolas Chapuis teams up with Jean-Pierre Zucchi, giving rise to ECC Zucchi-Chapuis
2012 Nicolas Chapuis and Florian Duraz go into partnership following the departure of Jean-Pierre Zucchi, creating ECC Chapuis-Duraz.
ECC capitalises on a long history of recognised know-how